The GIPED (Groupement d’Intérêt Public Enfance en Danger) supervises the activity of two services :

Missions of the SNATED

The July 10th, 1989 Law, consolidated by the March 5th, 2007 Law regarding child protection, has conferred the SNATED the following missions :

  • A prevention and protection mission: To listen to, assist, inform and advise via telephone any person confronted with a situation where a child is in danger or at risk to become so, especially when the calls are from the children themselves, so as to identify these situations and facilitate the protection of minors in danger.
  • A transmission mission: To transmit any information giving rise to concern regarding these children to the départements-based relevant services, to whit the cellules de recueil des informations préoccupantes (CRIP).
Missions of the ONPE

The January 2nd, 2004 Law, consolidated by the March 5th, 2007 Law regarding child protection, has stated the ONED’s objective as “furthering our knowledge of the field of children in danger so as to better prevent and give better care”. This has been done by conferring the ONPE the following missions :

  • To develop and disseminate knowledge regarding child protection: statistical data and knowledge regarding the processes of child endangerment and child protection, as studied by research and surveys.
  • To list, analyse and disseminate best practices in the field of child protection
  • To support the actors of the field of child protection

Each year, the ONPE presents a report on child protection to Government and Parliament.


The state contributes to half of the GIPED’s funding. The other half is contributed by the 101 départements that compose France (the territorial unit at which child protection systems are organized and managed).

The state, as well as the départements, is represented in the yearly General Assembly of the GIPED. The main NGOs working in the field of child protection in France constitute a third college taking part in the General Assembly.

These three colleges are in turn represented inside the Administrative Board of the GIPED. The GIPED’s Board comprises 10 representatives from the various ministries, 15 representatives from the départements and 5 representatives from the NGO college.

Inside the administrative board, a Board of Directors has been elected with the following members:

  • President
    Madame Florence Dabin,
    President of the General council of the Maine-et-Loire departement.
  • Vice Presidents
    Direction Générale de la Cohésion Sociale (Mme Virginie Lasserre,Director)
    La Voix de l'Enfant (Mme Martine Brousse, President)
  • Other members of the Board of directors
    Direction générale de l'enseignement scolaire
    Direction de la PJJ
    Conseil général des Côtes d'Armor
    Conseil général de la Haute-Garonne
    Conseil général du Val d'Oise
    Association UNAF

The current Managing Director of the GIPED is Violaine BLAIN.

Activities and current events

The GIPED supervises the action of child helpline SNATED (119) as well as those of the ONPE, an observatory studying the child protection system in France. Both the ONPE and SNATED have specific websites detailing their activity and these websites have documents in English, including the summaries of the main publications.

Both the SNATED and ONPE have a strong national and international presence through the partnerships they have formed and the symposiums in which they are invited to speak.

More information

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